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a selection of negatives ready to be scanned

Scanning Negatives and Slides

Time to get your negatives out of storage

  • 1 h
  • Per Negative/Slide
  • Sunshine Coast

Service Description

Scanning negatives and slides to a digitised format involves converting analogue film negatives and slides into digital images that can be stored, edited, and shared electronically. Here's a brief description of the service that is provided: 1. Preparation: Negatives and slides are inspected and prepared for scanning. This may involve cleaning the film to remove dust, fingerprints, or other debris that could affect the quality of the digitised image. 2. Scanning Process: The negatives or slides are loaded into the scanner, which uses a light source and a sensor to capture a digital image of each frame. The scanner may have adjustable settings for resolution, colour depth, and other parameters to ensure optimal image quality. Each image will be scanned manually with great care taken not to damage the quality. 3. Image Enhancement: After scanning, basic enhancements may be applied to improve the quality of the digital images. This can include adjustments to colour balance, exposure, and sharpness to accurately reproduce the colours and details of the original film. 4. File Organisation: The digitised images are organised and labelled based on your preferences or specific criteria such as date, film type, or subject matter. This makes it easier for you to manage and locate images later on. 5. Quality Control: Each scanned image is reviewed to ensure accuracy and quality. Any images that don't meet the desired standards may be rescanned or edited as necessary. 6. File Conversion: The scanned images are typically saved in common digital formats such as JPEG, TIFF, or PNG. These formats are widely compatible with various devices and software applications. 7. Delivery: The digital files are delivered to you via a preferred method, such as email, cloud storage, or a USB. You can then access, share, and archive your digitised negatives and slides as desired.

Contact Details

  • Noosaville QLD, Australia


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