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Old family collections of photos in boxes and loose images spread out on table.

 We transform old photos into easily accessible digital images. 

Preserve Your Memories, Simplify Your Life

So many of us have been given hard copies of old family photos, negatives or slides that just end up in boxes and put away because we don't know what else to do with them.  Some of us have photos that we want to give to our family and friends but don't know where to start. There may be a special occasion coming up where these photos can be displayed and shared. I can make it easier for you to navigate through your photos so that you can discover or rediscover moments that may have faded from memory.​

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Our Services

Old family collections of photos in boxes and loose images spread out on table.
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Old family collections of photos in boxes and loose images spread out on table.

Scanning and Digitising Photos

Say goodbye to disorganised piles of photographs and hello to an organised collection of photos with our Scanning and Digitising Photos service. 

Scanning and Digitising Negatives and Slides

Are you tired of storing old negatives or slides that you can't even view anymore? Let me help you bring those memories back to life with our Scanning and Digitising services.

Organising Digital Photos

Are you needing to organise your photos online? It is essential for easy retrieval and enjoyment later on.  

Creating Photo Books

Looking for the perfect way to organise and showcase your favourite memories? Look no further than our Creating Photo Books service.


 Contact Us

Getting started on your photo organising journey is easy, please click on the link below. 

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I've been wanting to sort out my growing photo collection for years and finally passed it on to Trish from Let's Get Digital- The Photo Organiser because it was just too overwhelming for me to deal with.  She scanned all of the loose and framed cherished historical family photos that have been sitting in boxes along with piles of photo albums. I now have a digital photo collection that is secure from damage and it is so easy to find photos that have been placed in files that date back as far as the early 1900s.  I recently gathered a selection from 30 years of photos of my father'n'law' as part of a visual presentation of his life for his 80th Birthday in minutes thanks to Trish.


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